Venmill VMI-HYBRID 2.0


Part #: VENPNV7000

The VMI Hybrid 2.0 is the newest disc repair machine from VenMill Industries. This small, easy-to-operate, and fully automated machine is capable of running 300+ discs per day. This unit administers the advanced Hydro Optic Polishing technology. This new process ensures a superior repair on all types of discs*, including Blu-ray.

The VMI Hybrid is rated as a commercial duty unit and is recommended for large disc collections. This machine is the easiest of its kind to learn, operate, and maintain. There is no need to manually apply repair solution to a disc, since this machine is completely automated. Discs come out of the machine clean and ready to use.

Small and compact, this unit is designed for use at the front counter. Due to the unique Hydro Optic repair process, the VMI Hybrid runs ultra quiet at approximately 50 decibels. No technical training is required to use this machine. All information is conveniently displayed within the user interface.

Repair Process
The Hydro Optic Polishing technology efficiently removes even the most resistant of scratches. This unique process accelerates the natural effect of water and abrasive on a discs surface for a perfect repair. Discs are smooth and ready to use as soon as they come out of the machine.

The VMI Hybrid comes with supplies adequate for 500 minutes of repair. Afterwards, the machine is designed for use with the VMI Hybrid combo pack: a kit with six pairs of polishing pads, six center hubs, two bottles of repair solution, two nozzle caps, and a CH chip – good for 500 minutes of repair.

VMI-Hybrid CD/DVD/BluRay Cleaning Unit – 1 year warranty (Plus supplies good for 500 minutes of repair)


Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 8 in

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