Traf-Sys Count One


Traf-Sys Direct Count One People Counters are designed to provide an affordable highly accurate wireless
people counting solution with flexible mounting options. These counters can be mounted at the entrance of your
facility to measure pedestrian traffic statistics. With features such as lithium ion battery power and local LCD
display, these counters can be installed quickly and easily.
If you are looking for an affordable people counting solution, the Traf-Sys Direct Count One People Counters
are used as a standalone solution. The local LCD display shows the current number of counts which can be
recorded at the end of each day.

„ Battery operated
„ Integrated 6-digit LCD display indicating total
„ Up to 16 ft (may be affected by environment)
transmission range
„ Small size, light weight, fast, easy and flexible

DirectCountOne Brochure