Phoenix Self Checkout System

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The Phoenix RFID self-check unit, the newest offering in our self service suite of products, is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s libraries. Attention has been paid to appearance; the design is light, slim, and spacious.  A glass table is used to create a sense of lightness and to make the device discreet in the library space, while still being a fully functional table top for patrons to use for their material.

The Phoenix Self Check has a guaranteed finish, utilizing high quality finishes and global suppliers. All hardware –computers, RFID readers, receipt printer– is integrated into the furniture. The design places emphasis on usability and ergonomics for patrons as well as maintainability and ease of service for the library staff. The Phoenix comes in both kiosk and a table top models. All RAL colors are available.

The Phoenix Self Check uses 3rd generation Lyngsoe software, a state-of-the-art, cloud-based software, built on the latest technologies. It allows for a very long lifespan for the device, with versatility and new features being continuously developed. Supa software has a simple and intuitive user interface that guides patrons through the check out process as well as navigating additional features. The software supports other functions such as account information, renewals, and fines and fees payment. The beauty of the Supa software is that it allows for flexible development of custom made features; new features are being continuously developed.

The software supports multiple languages, of which four can be active at any one time. All texts on screen and on receipts, can be modified by the library with easy-to-use tools made for that purpose. Phoenix self check out comes with a standalone and tabletop version. Beside the standard features required from the modern libraries, our cloud bases software has some unique features which enables libraries to take full benefit of the Rfid and their existing ILS systems.

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