Automated Material Handling

For Barcode or RFID Systems

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The Libretto automated material handling system is the advanced application with which to build your optimum branch and centralized material handling system. Modern design and the industry´s smallest footprint allow you the freedom to maximize capacity and sorting categories. The Libretto system meets with the most demanding ergonomic requirements and retains the harmonious library environment with its very low noise levels. Identical products are manufactured in Helsinki, Finland and Irving, Texas.

About the modular system

The modular system makes it possible to build extremely flexible systems. The system consists of independent modules each having their own special function. Each module functions independently. This solution saves energy as only the modules that have items on them are running whilst the rest of the modules are on standby waiting for incoming items. The system control is distributed to each module.

The modular system makes gradual growth possible. We can add modules as more sorting is needed. This makes it possible to invest in speed and capacity as needed. There is no need to initially invest for a capacity that will only be needed after several years. The system can be split or reduced if needed.

The modules themselves are built modularly, this makes problem solving simple and fast; the problematic module can be easily be changed for a new part and the broken part fixed off site. This reduces down-time to a minimum.

We have had cases where systems have been moved to a different location after a couple of years and the existing modules have been used to build an alternatively configured sorter that conforms to the new spatial requirement.