3.125 MaxStick SIDE EDGE WHITE Adhesive Paper – Individual Rolls


Part #: MAX3.125x160AS-EACH

Max Stick, Library Hold Slip paper, WHITE, 80mm, 3.125 x 160′ MaxStick Restick liner free thermal paper for Epson Re-Stick, ADHESIVE ON BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT EDGE

Purchase of individual rolls, standard case is 24 rolls

** DISCLAIMER: This paper must be used in conjunction with an Epson TM-L90 or TM-T88IV Restick Printer only. Using this sticky paper in a standard thermal printer (non-restick) will cause damage to the printhead and ruin the printer over time. Bayscan is not responsible for damaged printers by the use of this paper in anything but an Epson TM-T88IV Restick or Epson TM-L90 Restick. **

Weight .85 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 3 in